How to Make an Altar

Basics of making your own personal altar at home based upon the Peruvian wisdom traditions of Huachuma Curanderismo, Paqokuna shamanic traditions, The Heart of the Healer, Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, The Pachakuti Mesa, Feng Shui Philosophy, Elemental Shamanism and 
Chakuna Machi Asa's visionary guidance.

Video and music by Chakuna Machi Asa

Overtone Chanting Blue Moon Meditation: OM

Join me in this special The World Under a BLUE MOON

An overtone chant meditation to awaken and activate your mystical Blue Moon energy inside you, Full Moon July 31 2015! :) It is a fantastically creative and passionate energy:) The reflective nature of moon energy is an important part of creating cyclical transformative change in our lives.  A constant state of movement and cyclical change in nature is an imperative aspect of the human dimensionality. Please chant along or just listen in.